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10 Interesting facts about heating

Do you think you are an expert at home heating? We don’t doubt your experience! However some of the facts, which we’d like to share with you, may be quite interesting and unexpected. Be better prepared to make decisions about how to heat your home with these facts and myth busters. Let’s begin!

1. Home heating oil is not destroying the environment

One of the biggest myths surrounding home heating oil in Canada is that its emissions are destroying the environment, or that it is a ‘dirty’ fuel source. But, it’s not true anymore. Many advancements in cleaner, greener fuels have produced bio fuels, which release minimal emissions into the air, so it burns cleaner than it would have done 20 years ago.

2. Heating oil is very safe

A lot of us are afraid that home heating oil is very dangerous, however in its liquid form it is non-explosive. It has to be ignited with a burner (your boiler) to create the heat you need for your home. In a like manner you can’t accidentally set your oil tank on fire with a lit match – if dropped into an oil tank the match will simply go out.

3. Home heating oil systems are very solid

Your boiler is linked to your home heating fuel source – so a gas boiler can only be used for natural gas, and an oil boiler can only be used with home heating oil. As long as you look after them and get them serviced, oil boilers are very durable. The majority of them will last 20 years after being initially installed. Although, when they get older they unlikely become less efficient as newer models.

4. Home heating oil supplies are not going to run out

Canadians believe the myth that reserves of home heating oil are shortening, but the fact is that they are very healthy, with new sources of oil being discovered all the time. If you decided to change your oil central heating system to gas (because it is more readily available), we would advise you against this as home heating oil is set to be around for many more years to come.

5. You will waste heating oil by not servicing your boiler

It’s wise to know that your home heating oil will be used more effectively in case your boiler is serviced and working at its best. It needs serviced one a year to remove any residue build up, dirt or grime that could be slowing it down. Also, a good advice is to get it checked to make sure that it’s in safe working order.

6. Home heating oil is not as expensive as you think

Home heating oil is a very economical way to heat your home. Unlike with natural gas, you control how much you buy and therefore how much you pay for, and we’ll always give you a great deal. Prices of domestic oil will always fluctuate as they are heavily influenced by external factors, however it still remains the most popular way to heat your home affordably.

7. Rotten eggs, anyone?

If you ever smelled natural gas in your home, you probably thought it smelled like rotten eggs. In reality, natural gas is odorless, so energy companies add an odorant (before it’s distributed through pipelines) to it in order for it to be detectable.

8. When in Rome

One of the first civilizations to use central heating was the Roman civilization. Some buildings in the Roman Empire used the “hypocaust” system, where furnace-heated air traveled through empty spaces under floors and out of pipes in the walls.

9. Attention!

Space heaters are one of the top-10 causes of home fires. When using one, make sure that you keep at least three feet clear around the heater to avoid overheating anything in the area. Also, never use heaters near water sources and don’t leave a heater unattended.

10. Going green

Did you know that you can use your back yard to heat your home? With a geothermal HVAC system, you can enjoy heat in your home via the Earth’s consistent underground temperature. This allows you to save on your heating bills and leave a smaller carbon footprint.

The eleventh and the most important fact - HEATING is efficient in Canada, because of the cold weather. But, be careful and if you don’t know anything, just contact with the professionals https://hsehomecomfort.com/contact-us/.

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