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Annual air conditioner tune up is important, why?

There is a plenty of the important things in life. For example buying groceries, putting gas in your car, getting an oil change.

So, what about air conditioner maintenance? You may apparently hear that it’s a necessary to get your air conditioner tuned up every year. However, you think that your AC system is working good without any problems. But, what if it’s not?

So, do we recommend annual AC maintenance?

Yes, definitely. In actual fact, we highly recommend it. Here are 7 good reasons why you shouldn’t skip your annual tune up.

The first reason

A spring tune up will give your air conditioner a head start. How long haven’t you ran on your air conditioner since you did it for a last time? Can you expect your system to run at peak efficiency once you need it again every day?

To put this in outlook, just try to imagine that you’re about to drive your car cross-country. Your car has been sitting in the garage for a couple of months, except for the random spin around the block. Before starting the long drive, wouldn’t you bring your car in for a tune up, an oil change, or even a tire rotation? You’d like to know that your car is running in top condition.

You can think about air conditioner maintenance much the same way. The season of hot weather (even if in Canada it’s not a casual thing) means a long period of heavy use for your air conditioner. Give your system a head start by making sure it’s ready. Or, you’ll run the risk of having lower operating efficiency or even it can screw up that would have been preventable.

The second reason

Regular maintenance is always less costly than a repair job. Let’s return to our illustration. Could your car have survived the road trip without the extra precautions? Perhaps. Though, if your car did break down, a repair would have been more costly than the preemptive maintenance was.

The same goes for your air conditioner.

If you air conditioner does malfunction, you can bet that the repair will cost more than a tune up would have.

Tune ups can’t stop all AC problems from happening. Although, in our years of experience we’ve found that 50% of cooling problems could have been prevented by annual maintenance.

During a tune up, your technician can detect small problems and fix them before they become big problems. You will have saved yourself the higher cost – and the bigger hassle – of a repair service call down the road.

The second reason

A well-maintained air conditioner lasts longer than one that is not in so good condition. Regular maintenance leads to fewer repairs and can prolong your air conditioner’s lifespan. The inverse is also true. Neglecting proper AC maintenance can reduce its lifespan.

Turn back to your car again. What if you never get an oil change, never buy new tires, and neglect all the recommended maintenance. Do you think your car will last as long as someone else’s who maintained their car properly?

A well-maintained air conditioner will last as long as possible. It will also run at higher effectiveness throughout its existence, keeping your home cool and your family comfortable.

The third reason

A tune up can add efficiency and lower cooling costs. Regular skipping maintenance makes an air conditioner’s operating efficiency decreased by 5%.

Here is an explanation why:

  • Over time dust and debris collects on the coils. The evaporator coils, being indoors, attract mostly dust. But the outdoor condenser coils can become full of dirt, grass trimmings and even leaves. This build-up impedes airflow and blocks heat transfer. That’s why your air conditioner won’t be able to cool your home as it has to be.
  • Your condensate drain needs to be checked for clogs. A clog can hinder your system’s ability to control humidity. If something go wrong, a clogged condensate drain can even cause water damage to your home.
  • Motor parts need lubrication. A shortage of lubrication can cause friction which reduces operating efficiency.
  • Blower components need periodic cleaning and adjustment. To the contrary, they can bring about airflow problems which can result in up to a 15% efficiency loss.

These and other standard tune up procedures can increase your air conditioner’s operating efficiency. This can translate cooling cost savings of up to 15%.

All in all, an annual air conditioner tune up has the advantages, which you should take into account while making your own decision. However, this is your choice and we hope you’ll make the best for your home and pocket. Our company is ready to help you with any advice or high-equal service in different circumstances: whether you’re sure or doubtful.