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Effectiveness and Safety of Ozone Purifier

What Is Ozone?

Ozone is generated naturally by short-wave solar ultraviolet radiation and appears in our upper atmosphere ozonosphere in the form of a gas. In addition ozone may be produced by passing an electrical discharge - such as lightning - through oxygen molecules. Lightning is an exact example of making an abundance of O3 to purify the earth's atmosphere Nature's way. Mostly, we have noticed the clean, fresh smell in the outdoor air after a thunderstorm, or the way clothing smells after it has been dried outside on a clothesline in the sun.

How does it work?

Moreover ozone is a biocidal, which means it kills harmful biological and bacterial contaminants. This biocidal action results from its reaction with the double bonds of fatty acids in bacterial cell walls, membranes and the protein capsid of viruses. In bacteria, the oxidation results in a change in cell permeability and leakage of cell contents into solution. Ozone attacks these cell walls, breaking down membranes and ultrastructural components of the organism. In more simple terms, the unstable electrons of ozone blast holes through the membranes. This occurs by cell lysing or rupturing the cell wall of viruses, bacteria, yeast and abnormal tissue cells, thereby destroying them by inactivation of the microorganism's enzymes.

In viruses the mechanism is working is different: alteration of the protein capsid prevents the virus from being taken up by susceptible cells. Ozone displays an "all or nothing" effort in terms of destroying bacteria. Just a few micrograms per liter are required to demonstrate germicidal action because it’s such a strong germicide. Humidity, temperature, pH, ozone concentration levels, type of organism and time - these factors determine the kill rate for pathogens. The action of ozone gas in water is immediate. Then, ozone returns to its original form of oxygen, without leaving any toxic by-products or residues.

  • Ozone oxidizes natural organic compounds like acetic and oxalic acids, as well as synthetic substances like nitro- and chloro-benzic compounds, detergents, herbicides and composite pesticides.
  • Ozone oxidizes inorganics such as iron, manganese, heavy metals, cyanide, sulfides and nitrates in water.
  • Ozone retards the ripening of fruits and vegetables by destroying ethylene gas and bad odors, which are produced by aging and decay.
  • Ozone is more cost-effective than ethylene filters, which are costly and have to be replaced each month. Filters only act on the air that happens to pass through them, and ionization machines put a negative charge on air particles in the air which causes them to gravitate toward room surfaces.

In contradistinction to ozone, filters, ionizers and sprays do not eliminate the cause of odors. Once the cause has been eliminated, the odor does not come back unless the source that caused the odor is reintroduced.

Ozone Producing Air Purifiers. While it is not safe to run a ozone producing air purifier in a home under normal circumstances, there are instances where ozone is the best technology to treat a given problem. For instance, ozone kills ethelene gas which cause produce to rapidly decay, so a refrigerator ozonator will extend the life of produce in refrigerated environments. Ozone is also very effective against cigarrette and cigar smoke, so an Air Oasis ozone generator works great in smoky bars and bingo parlors. And we have had great success for smokers in small spaces with the Surround XJ-3000C and XJ-3000D, running its ozone blaster option. The following are air purifier brands that offer an ozone generator option:

Air Oasis Breakthrough G3 UV Air Purification Technology! No air purifier on the market can compete in effectiveness, energy efficiency, adaptability and quiet operation, when compared to the Air Oasis G3 patent-pending Nano Nickel HCT photocatalytic oxidation technology. Other oxidation brands use only titanium dioxide (TiO2) as a catalyst, the cheapest, most available catalyst metal on the market, whereas Air Oasis contains five rare catalyst metals and nano size metals to increase the kinetic rate of reaction.

Unlike HEPA filters that only remove some particulate and carbon filters that only remove chemicals, VOCs and odors, Air Oasis technology is proven effective against MRSA, bacteria, molds, VOCs, chemicals, gases, odors, pollen, dander and more. Extensive testing conducted by West Texas A&M University at BSA Hospital confirm that Air Oasis not only purifies your air, but sanitizes surfaces, too. Additionally, Air Oasis Air Purifers are made in the USA, using brushed aluminum casings and UV lamps that utilize a proprietary long life coating, allowing them to outlast any UV lamp on the market.

Refrigerator Ozonator

Once cut, fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers and plants produce ethylene gas as they age. If allowed to accumulate, the ethylene further accelerates the aging process. Continuous or intermittent use of appropriate levels of ozone in refrigerated spaces has shown to be effective in reducing the rate of plant and produce aging by destroying ethylene gas without producing any negative side effects on the product, thus reducing food spoilage and decay and extending the quality and shelf life of most produce.

The Refrigerator Ozonator delays molding and decay of many foods you buy — including fruits and vegetables — helping them retain their freshness and flavor longer. The average household throws away 150 pounds of produce every year, due to spoiling before use. The Refrigerator Ozonator could save your family $300 during the first year, alone, more than four times the purchase price!