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HEPA Air Filtration: An Absolute Must for a Healthy Home

HEPA Air Filtration: An Absolute Must for a Healthy Home

A HEPA filtration system is quite well-known to protect people against an array of tiny particles that vacuum cleaners normally leave to go around into the air of a home. These contaminants could be anything from mold spores, tobacco smoke, pollen and pet dander to dust mites.

Such pollutants can cause serious health issues.

While HEPA air filtration systems are easily available at home improvement stores and online stores, not all of them are fully capable of fully cleaning the air of very small harmful particles.

Buying a HEPA Air Filtration System

Before you visit the market to shop for HEPA filtration systems, you should ask yourself the following questions.

What purpose do I need to fulfill?

What size should I choose for my specific needs?

What kind of features should I look for?

Where will the system be placed?

What kind of maintenance does the system require?

In the market, you'll find many different types of HEPA filtration systems – in different shapes and sizes. Sadly enough, most of them will capture only 85% - 90% of the tiny particles that pollute the air of a home. Worse still, they'll fail miserably when it comes to seizing particles of 1 micron and below. While you may think you're getting a cheap deal on the HEPA systems you buy from the market, you'll actually get a product that's not even worth paying for. It won't give the much-required protection to families.

HSE Offers You the Best Solution

At HSE Home Comfort, we know HEPA filters like the back of our hands. It's not easy for anyone to evaluate a HEPA system based on how much air it can purify and what type of air-borne particles it can trap. Unless you have prior knowledge of how a HEPA filtration system works and the manufacturing process it goes through, you'll fail to assess its quality.

If you don't know how to identify true HEPA filters and are looking for the best air purifying solution, HSE is at your service.

We offer you HEPA filter systems that are truly HEPA-worthy.

For people who suffer from different kind of allergies or fall sick from exposure to harmful air-borne particles, a HEPA filtration system could be the difference between remaining healthy and constantly ailing. HSE Home Comfort brings you a product which is owned by less than 1% of the market. One major reason the HEPA filters we offer have almost negligible market penetration is that they’ve not been efficiently promoted or marketed yet.

The truth is, if the market knew of the benefits of this product, 99% of the market would be a buyer. The HEPA filtration system we offer is true and tested for the best quality. Our product is fitted with activated carbon filter (which removes even odor from the air) and is noise-free.

Let Us Help!

If you believe that homeowners deserve the best protection from harmful microscopic particles present in the air, our HEPA filtration system is the perfect solution you need. Being an expert in HEPA, we have highly trained professionals to educate homeowners on the correct usage and multiple benefits of our product. They will inspect homes and identify those key locations where a HEPA filtration system should be placed.

We're already combating a number of environmental issues and we don't need more in our home, do we? We genuinely care about our customers and are hell-bent on creating a pollutant-free atmosphere for every home. For us, assisting the marketplace with a HEPA filtration system which truly delivers is a matter of great pride and joy.

We have a strong passion for improving the livelihoods of our customers and keeping everyone in good health.