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How to Use Air Conditioner and Not Get Sick?

Surprisingly, the hottest period of time - summer - is full of people’s complaints about their problems with health. The summer heat makes office workers try to escape from swelter by using air conditioning. Meanwhile, at the same time with the start of work of this unit is growing and the number of sick-lists with the diagnosis: a respiratory catarrh, a pneumonia, a bronchitis.

Cold from Air Conditioning is caused by hypothermia, first and foremost, this type colds sick people with weakened immune systems or people with chronic diseases. Hypothermia occurs because of the sharp drop in temperature of the room and the external environment. Additionally, the real problem may be hidden in the wrong installation when air conditioner is too close to a person. Also the jet of air cannot be sent directly, as it would stay in the draft.

In the summer the car usually heated to very high temperature thereby causing great discomfort for the driver. That is why drivers constantly include car air conditioners at full power, directing a jet of cold air directly into itself, thus they run the risk of getting colds in connection with the sharp hypothermia.

In addition, we’d like to recall how this disease legionellosis (or Legionnaires ‘disease”). The cause of the disease are also air conditioners, mostly of it is not modern air conditioners, the condensate from which is derived immediately out, and the branched system of air-conditioning where water condensate accumulates frequently and it can develop the bacteria Legionella. All modern air conditioners have antibacterial filters, which do not allow to develop within the device the bacteria and microorganisms. Still there are some cases, when the filters and air-conditioning system is extremely dirty on the inside, then there is a risk of the Legionella conditioning.

Use it and be healthy!

  • You should control the temperature - the difference between inside and outside has to be low (less than 10 degree). Room temperature should not fall below 20 degrees. More sharp temperature fluctuation weakens the ability of protective forces of an organism, that provokes allergies and exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • It is better to let the air stream along the ceiling, not to direct air flowing from the air conditioner directly at the person.
  • Danger zone when the air conditioner is 2×3 meters in front of him. There the mobility of air is large and the temperature is lower than in the rest of the area. It is better not to sit there, especially if you constantly have to be in it.
  • Due to the fact that there is no fresh air, in a room with working air conditioning there is a shortage of oxygen. In such a refrigerated room to position a large number of flowers in pots, for example, figs.
  • Air conditioning dries the air, don’t forget to moisturize your office with the help of improvised means (aquarium, indoor fountains or water containers). Skin from drying orosite thermal water and a protective cream.
  • To prevent air becoming a breeding ground for viruses, regularly change the filters on the unit and clean split system (once a month). However the assertion that this home appliances – the source of infection, affect more systems that were made 20 years ago. Then they were equipped with mixing chambers, and now the producers set in the air-conditioning system, which is supplied and removed from the premises of air not in contact.
  • Clothing from natural fabrics can absorb excess moisture. It can help to protect the muscles of the back and neck from sharp overcooling the air conditioner is running.
  • Let the body adapt to the colder air little by little. With the same purpose, leaving the room, first turn off the air conditioning, stay a little in the room, and only then go out into the street.

Start sneezing?...
In the early stages of a cold from the air conditioner is well treatable. If you have the first symptoms of the disease, don’t in a hurry to take cough medicines or use folk remedies for the medicine - hot tea with lemon, a warm bath and a good sleep can help you.

But if you feel very bad (increase in body temperature or productive cough), the treatment must be carried out strictly under the supervision of a physician, as self-medication in this situation may only aggravate the patient’s condition and to cause the appearance of complications. In any case, if cold symptoms do not respond well to treatment and lasts longer than 7-10 days, a doctor’s consultation.