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A Humidifier for the Nursery

Making a list of baby-friendly benefits, a good nursery humidifier can go a long way toward keeping your child happy and healthy. Although with so many types and models, choosing what to buy can be a challenge. Should you opt for warm mist or cool? Invest in a high-tech ultrasonic model, or stick to a traditional no-fuss vaporizer? So many questions!

Don’t panic, we are ready to help you.

Learn how to choose the right humidifier for your nursery with this helpful guide!

The Foundation

The first thing you’ll notice when you start shopping is that humidifiers fall into two opposing camps: Warm vs. cool mist. Since both warm and cool-mist humidifiers work well, deciding which camp to bunk with is largely a matter of preference. Still, there is plenty to consider before choosing a side.

Warm vs. Cool Mist Humidifiers

Warm-mist humidifiers (also known as vaporizers) use a heating element to boil water and produce steam. According to their simplicity, warm-mist models incline to be quieter, less expensive and less likely to break than their cool-mist competitors. They also tend to make a room feel warmer, allowing parents to turn down the thermostat and avoid the congestion and dryness associated with artificial heating.

The biggest drawback of a warm-mist model is the potential for burns. You can’t have steam without hot water.

Whether the unit spill or fall, your baby could be seriously injured. Children can also burn their hands and faces by putting them straight over the steam nozzle. If you opt for a warm-mist vaporizer, it is really important that you place the unit out of reach and ensure your child cannot use the cord to overturn the unit on his or herself.

High-quality designed to address this important safety issue, cool-mist humidifiers use only cold water, eliminating the risks associated with warm-mist models. But cold-mist models pose their own risks. If not regularly cleaned and maintained, these units can become a breeding ground for nasty, little nursery invaders, like mold and other microorganisms. Once spewed into the air, these pathogens are easily inhaled, potentially harming your child.

A lot of pediatricians prefer old-fashioned, warm-mist vaporizers to the new cool-mist models, despite the risk of burns, . Warm air is cleaner, a vaporizer literally vaporizes germs by converting water to steam, which then kills any bacteria present.

However a well-maintained, cold-mist humidifier poses little risk to your baby. Just be sure to clean and air-dry the unit regularly, changing the water daily and replacing any filters or cartridges as needed.

Ultrasonic vs. Evaporative Humidifiers

In case you decided to take go the cool-mist route, you will need to consider whether to opt for a traditional evaporative humidifier or a new, high-tech ultrasonic model.

Ultrasonic humidifiers use shortwave sound vibrations to break water particles into a cool, hydrating mist.

Quiet and effectual, ultrasonic units occupy little space and use less electricity than traditional models. Meanwhile, they can be expensive and are more prone to breakage than traditional, evaporative models.

Since ultrasonic humidifiers lack filters, they sometimes produce a fine white dust characteristically found on the machine itself and the surrounding furniture. This precipitate in nothing more than a natural by-product caused by the minerals present in the water. If it won’t hurt your little one, it can be a unpleasantness, mainly if you have hard water.

Evaporative humidifiers produce cool, moist air through a process of fan-aided evaporation. These traditional models work by absorbing air through a water-saturated filter, enlarging the humidity in the air while retaining minerals and other impurities from the water.

Because of the high-quality filter, evaporative models do not produce the dreaded white dust associated with ultrasonic models. That said, evaporative humidifiers generally require more space and energy than their ultrasonic counterparts, and the high-powered fans that move the air through the machine can be noisy.

The best choice for a baby

Still not sure what kind of unit is best? Don’t worry.

While there are benefits and drawbacks to each type, all humidifiers are perfectly safe and effective when used properly. Making the right choice is about deciding what suits to you more. Working with a tight budget? There’s nothing wrong with a low-cost, easy-to-maintain vaporizer! Hate dusting? Opt for a traditional evaporative model. Despite what kind you choose, buying a humidifier is always a good decision!

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