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What do you know about the Heat Pump?

Get know what is the secret of the increased popularity of the air to air heat pump.

Heat Pumps and the Boom of Renewable Energy Sources

The use of renewable energy sources has been in the center of attraction of the world community for a few years now. Nowadays, these alternative energy technologies have become an inalienable part of our everyday life, stoping to be just a scientific know-how of the future. According to the increasing popularity of the renewable energy sources, the nowadays ‘green’ technologies manufacturers suggest a wide variety of appliances designed to meet and to a certain extent exceed one’s expectations in terms of environmentally friendly energy solutions.

From solar panels and photovoltaics to condensing boilers and heat pumps, one has the freedom to decide which of these revolving technologies will better meet his/her household’s energy needs and will not place additional strains on the foreseen budget. Thereby, if there is a genuine wish to go ‘green’ and in so doing even save on energy and heating bills, then there should be no doubts about the reasonability of acquiring a ‘green’ energy device.

In case your curiosity and a wish to know how much any of these renewable energy solutions will cost you, you are welcome to offer a contact form with your preferences. We will get in touch with you at the earliest for further information and will connect you with our qualified suppliers, for free. The service is without obligation.

About Air to Air Heat Pumps

The majority of corporations that are engaged in the production and development of air ventilation and air conditioning systems are also producing devices capable of operating in a heating mode, devices known as air source heat pumps. Amongst these, the air to air heat pumps are enjoying a special interest, mostly as a result of the ease of operation, and relatively low operational as well as installation costs. Specifically, this is the appliance we chose to focus our attention on in the following lines, by addressing the advantages and disadvantages one shall be aware of when looking for an air to air heating system.

The way it works

In fine, air to air heat pumps operate under the same principle the air conditioners do. Although, there is a decisive difference - the former function the other way around in comparison to the latter. The air source heat pumps extract the heat from the outside masses of air and transfer it to the pump’s indoor unit compressor. This process is fully based on the principle of heat transfer, which is supported by the pump’s refrigerant property to lower the temperature of the air that is passed through the device. Therefore, the thermal value of the incoming air is below the ambient temperature level, which leads to the thermal isolation of the air heat.

The result of the following compression is a rapid rise in the coolant (fridge) temperature, thus creating ideal conditions for transferring the generated heat energy to the room. A cyclical repetition of the above-described process is fulfilled, which ensures that the heat coming from the outside air is transferred to the room that requires heating, so providing a cost efficient and an environmentally friendly way to warm up your property.

Advantages of an air to air heat pump

  • Air to air heat pumps are multipurpose in terms of providing heating during the cold season and air cooling during the hot days of the summer.
  • Low installation costs. You don’t have to to drill boreholes or use high-priced equipment in order to install an air to air heat pump.
  • These pumps possess an essential heat transfer capacity.
  • There is no need to install complex heat distribution systems, like radiators or underfloor heating.
  • It’s easy to use because of the autonomous climate control thermostats, that automatically monitor the pump’s functioning parameters.
  • The pump’s general costs (installation and operational costs) shall not exceed the levels a person with an average income would be satisfactory with.
  • The pump’s background noise is slight and thereby doesn’t represent an annoyance factor for people who will find themselves in the same room with the pump’s indoor unit.
  • Air to air heat pumps have no impact on the room’s indoor climate.
  • Heating your property by means of an air source heat pump is environmentally friendly. The heat pump doesn’t release any pernicious gases or components into the atmosphere.

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